[Repost from Reddit]

In our society changes are made without violating the rules. It’s called “free market” and works surprisingly well. If you don’t like a product, you don’t buy it. If you don’t like a company and its rules, you don’t buy its products. If enough people think alike, the company will perish or change its practice according to the wishes and needs of their customers. You won’t, however, change a company to your favor by actively “punishing” it.

Companies usually tolerate a low percentage of free riders as long as they don’t harm it more than countermeasures would. But the more freeriders, the more likely it becomes that countermeasures will be established. People buy cheap games in other regions via VPN? Enhanced DRM or higher regional prices will occur. Great job, free riders. On behalf of all negatively affected: Thank you. At least you can play the game for almost no money.